For those who can't make their mind up

The HTC One is one of the best smart phones ever made. As of right now it comes in two different flavors, the regular carrier version with Sense 5.0 and the unlocked Google Play Edition, switch Stock Android (AOSP). For most people paying $600 outright for a phone is not an option, but with enough work, you can have the AOSP experience on your carrier HTC One. Once you flash that AOSP ROM, you lose sense. Though most people are not favorable towards Android skins, Sense 5.0 does come with some interesting features and a very good camera app. Going back to a Sense ROM would mean either restoring from a back up (which takes a long time) or re-flashing the ROM.

Though there is a solution.

MoDaCo Switch is a ROM that contains Sense 5.0 and AOSP. The ROM allows you to easily switch between the two ROMs. All app data is shared between the two ROMs, as is any way you use to unlock your phone (i.e. face unlock, pattern, pin etc.). Phone calls and text messages are not yet synced between the two but that support is coming. Switch is still in the Beta stage but I run it on my AT&T One and it's smooth and bugs are always being fixed. Switch has it's own OTA updater to update to new betas without having to transfer the file from a computer and flash it manually. The Sense side runs 4.2.2, which US carriers have not upgraded to and the AOSP side runs 4.3. You can not receive OTA updates directly from Google because the new version has to be upgraded by the creator of the ROM but that does not take long.

I love and highly recommend the ROM. The more people that use it, the better it will become!

The link included also comes with the forums where help can be found.