Which non-iPhone mobile phone hardware do you admire?

If it were possible to have iOS (7) on any mobile phone hardware sold today (or rumoured to be released soon), which phone would you ant it to be on? Here are some rules: 1. It must be a phone. 2. It must not be on iPhone hardware. Otherwise, that would be no fun.... 2. No carrier restrictions are on the phone. I'm not American, and am not clear what this specifically addresses, but if there's some carrier-specific limitation that holds a particular phone back (including exclusivity rights), ignore it. For example, a customisable Moto X is an option, even if you live outside the US. For me, I'd love to see iOS on a Nokia 1020, or the Moto X. The screen sizes are still manageable (i.e. small enough), the speed is good enough, and the 1020 has a fantastic camera and OIS. And unless we could multitask on iOS, I don't see the point of going for a larger screen.