Streamlined Microsoft Subscriptions Ideas

This forum can be a place where we talk about different Microsoft Subscription Ideas. Feel free to come up with your own ideas

Microsoft has many subscription options. These are the ones I can think of. Please let me know if there are any more I missed or if my prices are wrong. All prices listed are per year.

XBL Gold $60

Xbox Music Pass $100

Office 365 $100

Skype Premium $60

Skydrive Storage $10-20GB || $25-50GB || $50-100GB

I think this is very confusing, and Microsoft could do more to streamline this.

One idea is to make Xbox Music Pass and Office 365 $60 as well, and increase 100GB of Skydrive to $60. Then I would make it a pick and choose subscription.1 subscription = $60, 2 = $100, 3 = $140, 4 = $180, and 5 = $200. I know that it is extremely unlikely Microsoft would lower their prices like this.

There could also be an Xbox Ultimate Plan for $100 that would combine unlimited online gaming(Gold), music streaming(Music Pass), and Unlimited Streaming of videos in their collection as a Netflix competitor.