Google should make a 4.3" nexus smartphone already!!

Since its obvious none of the OEMs are interested in making a high end small phone, google should take the task in their own hands and truly challenge the iphone. I dont remember how many times iphone users complain about "size" when I ask if they would get an android device.

And its a totally valid complain, if you dont want to have a phone with a monster screen then thats your preference. Dont tell me thin bezels and all that because at the end of the day the bigger the screen the more area your thumb has to be travel thus single handed usage gets tougher.

While samsung is making a killing so I wouldnt say something to them but clearly the likes of HTC, sony, LG etc are simply plain dumb that they are ignoring such a potentially big market opportunity of a premium compact android phone. Instead all of them are trying to compete with the galaxy S and note where they arent exactly having great success.

Because google uses on-screen buttons so 4" screen would be too small in that case I believe 4.3" would be the perfect size for the mini nexus phone.