What do you think is that "One more thing" going to be on September 10?

I think the these are the things we would see on September 10:

  1. iPhone 5S obviously
  2. iPhone 5C
  3. Final build of iOS 7
  4. iPod Touch 6th Gen
  5. iPod Nano and Shuffle Refresh
  6. (Retina) MacBook Pro Haswell Refresh (Hopefully)
  7. I don't know about the iMacs and Mac Minis but it could come on October.
  8. That one more thing.

What do you think is that one more thing?

Well, I have an idea but it's highly improbable but here it goes:

There would be no "one more thing". They are going to focus on the introduction of the iPhone 5C. Tim will praise and praise iPhone 5C and introduce it like the way they introduced the iPad Mini. The "highly improbable" thing I'm talking about is the thing that would differentiate the 5C from the 5S. I'm thinking they can lengthen iPhone 5C's battery life compare the 5S. The 5S would focus on the performance (A7) and design while the 5C would focus more on the battery life, just like the Droid line from Motorola except the "Maxx" would come in cheaper because of the materials used. Well, maybe it's just me dreaming of an iPhone with a much long battery life but it can also be a way for Apple to differentiate the two products not just in terms of price.

What do you think is that "One more thing"?