Custom ROMs

I've always been an advocate of custom ROMs. it's one of the reasons i love android. the majority of you here probably already know why they're great.

i'm kinda new (thus i don't know any of you) so i figured i'd start like a poll. what ROMs do you guys run, or have run in the past? how do you feel about ROMs? what's your favorite?

I'll start by stating my phone model and rom. i have a samsung fascinate (verizon's variant of the galaxy s 1) running helly bean (android 4.2.2, based off of cm10.1 but with some features from other ROMs included). HB is my personal favorite, but it's only made for samsung devices, and if it's not available, i tend to lead more towards CyanogenMod or an AOSP rom. paranoid android is relatively nice, but it's slow on my phone.