Study shows: Half of current iPhone users will upgrade immediately to iPhone 5S

A study has shown, that over 46% of over 4.000 iPhone users will immediately upgrade to the new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C when it comes out, a survey done by shows. Most of the people immediately want to upgrade to a iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, and over 60% are choosing for the high-end and more expensive model the iPhone 5S. These are the features people want to see improved:

  1. 40% want improved battery life
  2. 34% want finger print home button (latest finger print news: )
  3. 12% want the option to choose color

Will you be upgrading to the new iPhone 5S or maybe the iPhone 5C? What do you think apple needs to improve on its new devices? My vote goes to a improved 13 megapixel camera and battery life up to ¿15 hours?

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