2014 is going to be the next "big year" for Apple!

This may be speculation, but I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be a revolutionary year for Apple. This year has been pretty conventional so far, a but of a snoozer and pretty predictable.

This week, Apple will likely release an iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S with iOS 7. The most exciting thing will be the fingerprint sensor, but not much more. Next month, we get the iPad mini 2 with retina, new iPad 5 with mini design, and updated Mac products (Haswell across the board) with a release date for the new MacPro.

Assuming we don't get a "one more thing," which I doubt we will, that basically makes 2013 a very evolutionary year...boring by many people' standards.

But this sets up 2014 for the following:

1) iPhone 6 (brand new design, maybe 64 bit architecture, exciting stuff!)

2) Larger-Screen iPhone: (this will come in 2014. I am 99% sure of this)

2) iWatch (if this doesn't get shown in the next few months, it will 100% be revealed in 2014). A new product catagory!

3) Apple TV SDK: (Odds are we won't get a "true" iTV in 2014, but we will at least get apps in our Apple TVs)

4) iPad 6 (this may be the most evolutionary change, because it is getting a 2013 redesign)

in my opinion, every single one of these, maybe with the exception of the Apple TV SDK are 100% sure bets for 2014. This will make 2014 one of the most exciting years in Apple's history and depending on the substance of the products, will dispel any doubt about Apple's ability to innovate.

2001: iPod

2007: iPhone

2010: iPad

2014: iWatch

This just seems right to me!