Galaxy Gear future

once new ideas for products come out they are priced compared to the "idea" but once the idea gets old they will be priced on their specifications soon but here the Galaxy Gear is in the worse place it could ever be
1.galaxy gear: if we compare the battery operated watches back then you all remember people wanted and used to pay more for a battery powered watch that could last at least a year so what we wanted in a watch was to be able to check the time anytime any where but what Samsung did I think they changed the meaning of having a watch in a bad way by just giving that Gear only 25 hours of battery power

They should have made this watch in a way that it would have all the awesomeness including luxury,battery and meaning of having a watch but add some other features no matter how small those features were going to be it could blow up the market

What I think is the best to fix the battery problem: pieces of small rectangular solar panels almost all around the watch so the watch would get some more juice maybe around 10-40% more battery life depending on how they are made.
2.every device that has a processor in it or runs an operating system can be optimized by updating the software, in these devices software can improve the battery life by even %100 if its done in a very professional way
3.add a a very small battery pack in our pocket that wouldn't take comfort away and would charge itself up by our movements or whatever else it can and make the Gear smart watch charge itself by putting our hands in our pocket making the Gear smart watch and that part of the battery pack touch each other(wireless charging in phones)