I realized after tonight's Breaking Bad episode, that I am a horrible person (spoilers)

Quick sidebar until I explain why.

Can we all come out and say TV series are VASTLY superior to movies? Better mediums for stories, and character development, and drama, and everything else.

And now for the reason I am so horrible. I want Walt to get away with it. As bad as he is, and as much as he has done, I don't want him to go to jail and lose his money. I'd be ok if he died and the money stayed with his family, but I was GLAD when those guys showed up to intervene, even though it's sad to think that Gomez and Hank will probably lose their lives.

If I was truly good, a paragon of virtue and righteousness, I would be like Hank, or his wife Marie ( the busy body model of self righteousness ). But I am not that good. I'm not a sociopath, if I saw Walt take people out just for the enjoyment of it I would not feel the same way. But I can't bring myself to want see his end. So I guess that means I am of weaker character. And I think I am ok with that. Tell me how wrong I am, how we should all root for Walts end. Because I honestly don't.