@evleaks: LG D820 is just a CDMA G2 variant UPDATE: He's wrong.

@evleaks just posted this

Sorry Nexus fans: LG D820 is just a CDMA G2 variant.

PLOT TWIST! so if evleaks is to be believed, this is NOT the next Nexus!

How is this possible? The back of it from the FCC leak does match the one on the youtube video leak.

If it isn't the Nexus 5, why is it removed from FCC to be filed again later when its nearer to its launch date?

Plus, this device is almost completely different from the G2, screen size, camera placement, dimensions, etc and run Android 4.4?

It's hard to believe this isn't the next Nexus given all the hints.


Happy to say it looks like I was wrong about the LG D820/D821...

Looks like D820 is the Nexus after all.