New phone. Cant decide.

Hello everybody.

As made obvious by the title I cant decide on my new phone. I think this is the best place to ask because I know there are people here from every tribe, so ill get everyone's point of view.

FYI I am upgrading from a Samsung galaxy pocket (yea I know) It was a very hard and frustrating one year, but i've been patient.

I have a mix of the iPhones and Samsung Galaxies in my family. An Iphone 5, an S4, a couple of S3s and a couple of Iphones 4s. So I have some experience with them and know how they feel and stuff.

I always really wanted a good high end Android phone with a good design (not Samsung), since I couldn't do anything at all on my tiny Pocket. For this reason I really like the HTC Butterfly S as my Android choice, even though it has its flaws. (Camera and the plastic body are two of my main worries)

Apple...I never really liked the iPhones that much but since seeing and using iOS7 I think I like it and I think its pretty good, but I am not sure yet. The new Apple device?

Or just go for a Windows phone? 925 maybe? I have no experience with a Windows device but I really really really wanna have one but I am not sure if Windows Phone is ready yet.

Right now I am leaning towards the Butterfly S the most but to be honest I'll go for any of those 3 options.

So please help me out here..What do you guys think?