HTC is far from broke... No need to worry if you buy a HTC One, One Mini or One Max.

I find it amusing how the Samsung and Apple Fanboys keep writing that HTC is in big trouble.

1- HTC will probably post its first loss ever in the 3Q of 2013. Maybe up to 200 Mio USD. Which means that over the years they accumulated quite a bit of CASH.

2. These HTC CASH reserves are 1.8 Billion USD.

3. Also HTC Patents and other assets are worth more than 850 Mio USD.

4. HTC received a government contract from the Government of China to develop an Android version for China. This Android version if accepted by the Chinese Government will become mandatory on all Chinese sold Android devices... Nice royalties potential for HTC here.

5. HTC has increased its market share in China from 3% to 6% in one year.

6. HTC One Mini sales are only starting now in September on a wider scale, will be joined by the One Max sales in October and in November on a wider scale.

7. The majority of shares of HTC are held by families in Taiwan... They don't want to sell!

8. We can say that HTC has at least reserves of 2.2 Billion USD.

So there is no reason at all, to be scared and to avoid a HTC product on the ground that HTC might go out of business any time soon. It would take 11 Q at 200 Mio of losses per Q for HTC to go out of business, nearly 3 years. So if you buy a HTC product today, you can be sure that for the duration of your products life cycle, 2-3 years, HTC will be around. Considering how aggressive they are restructuring and changing their products, HTC will be around a while.

As to Android updates... Unlocked One, OneX and OneX+ are now all on 4.2.2 with Sense 5 and 4.3 will be made available by the end of the October 2013. If you do not fully own your device, because it is subsidized by a carrier, then you will receive any such updates when the carrier decides to release them. According to HTC, all locked and branded Ones will receive 4.3 around September 2013 in the USA.

So if you want a HTC One, just don't worry about the Fanboy BS spread by Bloomberg etc. HTC is far from broke, they are just restructuring at this stage and as you see it with the HTC One, their new high end products are top of the line, even if the Samsung S4 and iPhone5 Fanboys hate to admit it!

HTC is not Nokia... there is no Elop and they are not Windows Phone centric. HTC makes mainly Android devices, which is what most people want.