Macbook touchpads for someone who uses only Windows laptops

As someone who didn't use Macbook Air touchpad for long time I found PC touchpads pretty usable, especially comparing with pre 2010 laptops.

I own 2011 Lenovo IdeaPad Z575. Its touchpad is like this:

And this is one typical touchpad on older laptops:


Comparing these two my touchpad is brilliant - quite bigger, nicer touch feeling, more accurate and a real joy to use.

Now, this is one random pic when I googled "Macbook touchpad":


It is big and nicely made (hey, it's Apple) but lack of dedicated button(s) is not my first choice.

Unfortunately MBA (and almost everything Apple except iPhone) is rare in my environment I don't know how can MBA touchpad be soooo much better than touchpad on my IdeaPad which is (IMHO) precise, fast and supports gestures and multi touch (Win8 is so much more user friendly with gestures).

I'm not trolling, I repeat - I didn't use MBA for long enough to experience for myself what is so much more good that some ordinary touchpads on equally priced Windows laptops.

I tried touchpads from almost all kinds of laptops - from old Centrino based Dells and cheap Packard Bell ones, newer budget laptops with Windows 7 and 8 (my IdeaPad Z575, Asus K73, Dell Inspiron 5110, Lenovo S200) right until high end Windows beasts (Acer S7 and R7, Samsung S9 Series and Asus 2014 Zenbooks). Every new laptop brings good experience but with more precision and comfort when going in higher tier range.

Thank you in advance and yeah - I don't want trolls from neither side to go with "mine is bigger" posts. :)