OK. Windows 8.1 makes sense but the "2 Screen Theory" Simply doesn't.

I recently had a chance to play with Windows 8.1 and I finally feel Windows 8.1 makes some sense and cleans up some rough edges of Windows 8.

The fact that Microsoft allows users to directly reach desktop at login, followed by allowing the users to see installed application list on click of start button and giving options to disable the hot corners completely makes, me feel 8.1 is simply back to Windows 7 with a new full screen start menu.

But, Microsoft still has many big questions to answer, which I feel have no answers literally!

1. What made MS think people would like Metro on Desktop? Don't get me wrong, I understand that Metro UI is made for touch and it is best experienced only on a tablet, but on desktop its simply a joke!

2. Isn't the whole concept of "two screen theory" just plain foolish even today, with Windows 8.1 and on touch screens? You get to pin desktop apps on start screen and then on clicking them you would reach desktop back. And now on closing the desktop app you remain in desktop & not go back to start screen from where the whole thing actually stated. Isn't this flow simply broken.

I mean what would you use Start screen for and desktop for? How do you think MS really intended the users to use Windows 8's start screen and desktop screen?