From Android to Windows Phone - questions

Hello Microsoft Tribe,

My girlfriend is searching for a new phone to replace her aging galaxy S 1.

Two of the main assets of a phone for her would be: "it just works" and "has a good camera". So I figured maybe a Windows phone might be a good alternative for her.

As I've always been an Android user myself, I don't know too much about the WP OS... So I thought I'll head over to the experts and be enlightened! ;)

Here are some questions I hope you guys can answer, to help me (and her) decide:

1. Most of time she uses the phone for writing messages. How good (speed and accuracy) is the standard WP keyboard compared to, for example, the iOS-keyboard? Does it support swiping (like in swiftkey for android)? Does WP support alternative keyboards and if, are there good keyboards available (comparable to SwiftKey or Swype)?

2. Is whatsapp the same on WP as on Android? Is there a Facebook Messenger app?

3. How is the official FB app? If bad, are there good alternatives?

4. She's using a Gmail-account for email, is the WP email app compatible with that? Does it work OK?

5. Is it true that you can't set custom ringtones/notification sounds on WP? (Sorry if that's a misinformation, I think I read it somewhere)

6. How is sharing handled compared to Android? How many "taps" does it take to share a pic you've just taken via E-mail and via Whatsapp?

7. Is there an easy way to transfer her Google contacts over to a windows phone?

8. How is the stock browser on WP on an everyday basis?

So, that would be it... turned out to be quite a few questions..!

Thanks in advance for your help!