Where does Surface Pro fit in?

I have a good problem. Just got the iPad mini and Surface Pro for bday (from girlfriend and dad...which speaks volumes to the two company's target market)...Right now I don't know where does Surface Pro fit in.

Here's what I have:

Win 8 Desktop Running 24/7: Skydrive, Itunes, Icloud, sugarsync, Box, Plex, Torrents - I don't even use a screen with this much

Ipad (now replaced with mini): always with me, take notes with styus. Splashtop to access my desktop. All the cloud apps, plex, etc.

Apple TV: Desktop (where media is stored) >iPad > TV - wirelessly

and Iphone

and A 13inch notebook from work.

I don't know where does Surface Pro fit in...it's the perfect all in one, but I prefer the iPad mini's size and weight as my main bitch.

Any ideas?