It's clear to me that verge staffers are holding back on a google forum because they are stuck on the name

There is no other reason I can think of that it has not already been implemented. It can't be harder to add in than typing a few lines. Seeing as that this has been a LONG time coming, I am theorizing that verge staffers have been completely paralyzed because they can't decide on an appropriate name for a google forum.

So it's time we helped them out and gave some ideas. I'll start.


googlerama (may not be the best since it sounds too close to gonorrhea)

Now the problem with these names, is that they do not convey a sense of a larger group. Apple Core is a double whammy with the core of an apple, and a core of followers, Microsoft Tribe conveys not just a group of microsofties, but perhaps a bit of tribal mentality in their defense of microsoft.

What special properties should the google forum name have? Android Army kind of already does that, and we need a replacement name that works just as well with google, or the more general google forum will never come to be.