Elegant WP vs Obtuse Android

I have been following the mobile scene ever since the iPhone hit the market in a big way, doing nothing I had not already predicted long before.

Since I started working and have an actual source of income, i finally started purchasing handsets and gadgets that I want.

Over the last 2 years I have come to own:

  • Dell Venue Pro (WP7)
  • Lumia 820 (WP8)
  • Nexus 7 (2012/4.3)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300/4.1.2)

After owning all these devices, I have come to a simple conclusion Windows Phone in general, despite lacking the customisation and functionality of Android, the best performing, is the least laggy and more elegant of the 2 operating systems.

WP7 was perfect on my DVP with 32gb of memory, it worked perfectly with the Zune desktop software providing one of the cleanest and most seamless multimedia platforms in a world where a pervasive always on internet connection is a pipe dream.

I upgraded to a Lumia 820 with WP8 earlier in April 2013 and loved the phone aside from one major flaw, it would freeze and damage MicroSD cards when copying files to them en mass.

Once i set my country to USA I had access to all the Podcasts and Playlists could be added to the device through the likes of Winamp and Windows Media Player.

However due to the SDCard issue, using my phone for my mobile media player soon became impossible.

My Nexus 7 was gorgeous. Excellent hardware and the 4.2 update with TRIM support made it lickidy split fast. My podcasts were handily managed by Pocket Casts, Videos by MX Player and Music by Winamp. Everything i needed and with that logic, thought a nice quad core phone with 1gb+ ram witha 720 p screen should be just as good.

Stock android was insanely elegant and clean (abeit a shameless ripoff of iOS)

My Samsung Galaxy S3 is a mismatched pile of rubbish that is functional and just barely that. Firstly, of all my devices, this is the only one that gets a half day of battery life with average use that would be typical on my Lumia 820 and Nexus 7. Streaming audio via streaming services results in quite a lot of stutter and random bouts of buffering on the S3 for some reason.

The UI is a mess with android v2 elements littered everywhere and the physical menu button being the most gaping and obvious one. Samsung's stock apps are hideous to look at and are as slow and laggy as most apps come. Even their UI style is reminiscent of a Android v2 phone maker trying to differentiate but is somehow incredibly pointless with the HOLO UI.

The stock Contacts app on my Nexus 7 runs like sweat off a man's greased nipple (aka, damn fast). The S3... well I'd rather not invent any metaphors to describe how slow it is.

The whole thing is a messy hodpodge of elements and at its core, a bastardisation of Android as a whole. Slow, battery draining and incredibly lethargic compared with the likes of WP7/8

Even multitasking in WP8 GDR2 has become efficient enough to be useable on a daily basis without me needing to manually clear memory to save battery and optimise performance like i do on Android.



Windows Phone is the better platform but it needs to add in missing functionality really quickly. I would much rather be using my Lumia 820 for all of this and get the responsiveness and stability of that platform over this one.