HTC is going downwill, they need to pull a rabbit out of a hat..

People talk a lot about Nokia downfall but HTC falling is no big screams, and they are falling a LOT ! A lot of raging against Nokia for going WP and claiming android was kind some savior but that ins't going well for HTC.

Here are the numbers:

- Since 2011 HTC lost 90% of its value, thats more and faster than Nokia.

They went from NT$1300 a share to NT$126 as of right now.


-They are selling less smartphones than in 2011

From 5th with 8.9% (8.9M) to 11th with 2.9% (6.6M)



- A 16% drop in revenue from July to August, a 45% drop from August 2012 ; and expecting to end up the year with a loss (the first time since 2002)



They need to turn the situation around, or their money won't last long..