Who Misses Being Surprised By Apple Keynotes?

In recently years, we've come to know everything about an Apple keynote in advance of the actual presentation. But I remember a time when it wasn't always that way. Apple used to keep their goodies well under wraps, and for me an Apple keynote was the closest thing to replicating the excitement that Christmas morning used to bring me as a child.

I remember how amazed I was that time that Steve brought a manilia envelope onto the stage and pulled a laptop out of It for the first time. I remember the first time I saw an iPhone 3G and fell in love with it instantly, simply because it had things like GPS and a shiny black appearance. I remember one time frantically speeding home to catch the end of the another keynote one time (I forgot which one it was exactly). But what always made them so special is that most of the items were unknown to me beforehand. Even we knew beforehand that Apple was going to unveil new iPods at an event, we didn't know what they looked like. And many times seeing the nice new form factors was just amazing, even if it was just a rehash of something Apple already made.

I'm sure some people may be thinking I'm a rabid Apple fanboy, but I'm not. I've never owned a Mac (although that may change soon) and I use a Windows Phone as my primary phone. Yet I can appreciate great technology when I see it. Even if I had no intention of buying any of the newly unveiled products, they always still brought me a lot of joy to see what new gadgets were in store for the world.

Honestly, I miss this. Even if a fingerprint scanner has been done before on smartphones, I wish I could have been surprised to see that make it's appearance tomorrow. I want to hear the way that Apple hypes it to the world. I miss those speculative "what will we see tomorrow?" posts that would flood the Internet the night before. No one really had a single clue, but it was fun to guess. Sure, one could argue that the rMBP and new Mac Pro were kept under wraps. But it's still not the same as before. And who could forget the famous "One more thing?" part of the keynotes?

Am I the only one who misses those days? Or do people like knowing in advance what's going on?