Help about learning/software to edit video

Hello dear companions at Verge Forums!

So here's the thing...

I'm planning on taking my YouTube account and actually give it some proper use launching a tech channel / Vlog mostly about mobile because well, news coverage in my country is pretty poor and simple and lacks some depth and analysis. The idea is to begin very humble but to grow with time and stablish myself as a trustful option for people here in my country.

The point is, while planning this thing, I realize I don't have the proper knowledge to create and edit my videos and also, my laptop lacks the software to make it happen (runs Windows 8.1 by the way).

This is where all of you enter in the picture, I want you guys to help me with suggestions of software to create and edit video and with online courses or tutorials to make the most of said software. I mean, If I wanna make it big with the channel, I need to offer a quality product at least in the edition/format/presentation deparment while I get a better gear for recording my videos (I don't possess right now an amazing gear).

So please guys, help me with suggestions about software to edit video on Windows 8 and courses or tutorials to learn how to edit video!

Thanks in advance and happy new year to all and to all!