Web OS is cursed and I hate it

Now that i have your attention, i can continue with my story as to how WebOS ruined my day. And maybe my sim.

9:00AM: HP Touchpad 16gb arrives.

I ordered this on ebay a few days ago on a whim, similarly to the Veer 4g. I figured I may as well go all in.

The touchpad had a dual boot installed by the previous owner, so i decided to start by giving android a shot. Upon signing in to a few services etc. I realised that Android is not well suited to tablet. Keeping in mind the glowing reviews of the Web OS, I decided to boot into WebOS and give it a shot.

It wouldn't turn off. I held the sleep button repeatedly for 10 seconds as suggested online. I double tapped. Nothing worked. Eventually the tablet just randomly turned itself off whilst i tried to pry the back cover off to pull the battery. I booted into WebOS, which was admittedly better, but still suffered from sever stutter and lag. Coming from an iPad, I just gave up, packed it all up and put it back up on eBay.

10:00AM: The Veer 4g

Excited for this one, 'It won't be as bad on such a tiny device" i told myself. I unpacked it, and placed my nanosim from my iPhone into the adapter and attempted to get it into the Veer. The phone booted up and rebooted a few times as, Once i'd finally got the sim and the adapter in, the phone continued to display the "Insert Sim message/animation. After some quick googling i found out how to enable dev mode and boot up without the Sim. Minutes later it changed from no sim to "Check SIM - SOS Only". Whilst I had checked that at least some of the Veers bands lined up with my network (Optus in Australia) I guess they weren't available here.

Amidst all this, the HP app catalogue that worked on the Touchpad failed to load up on the Veer, and this phone has another persons Palm profile attached to the phone which i can't seem to delete for reasons beyond me.

12:00: I gave up and decided to return to my iPhone.

and the Sim won't come out. After some googling around I have found 0 articles on this topic, as it seems the Veer's user base seems to be so tiny and the forums so sparse that I can't seem to find a single article about removing the sim. The official HP website simply instructs you to "Remove the Sim" under the "Inserting and Removing the Sim" help section.

Skip to the present (2:39PM) and I'm trying to organise a bus to my nearest phone/electronics place to see if they have the ability to remove this bloody sim from this god forsaken phone (Which shall be going on eBay, like the touchpad) so I can hope that this will all go away and I'll never have to use this OS again.

This is just my experience with Web OS, and whilst I'm truly sorry about the headline, the plethora of spelling and grammar errors which I've made in my frustrated tired and enraged state as well as the fact I bought either of these devices in the first place.