The Google+ Problem

I do feel like Google changed the narrative on G+, from more focused social network, to the the thing that connects all of their products, and therein lies the problem in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I like having the ability to log in to most sites, and Android games with G+ and Play Games. If these same features had been available as a part of your Google account /profile first, and then Google pulse had been rolled out later, would things like having to use your real name for reviews been better received?

I think that if Google had done this first, maybe the YouTube fiasco (and the main reason everyone hates G+) would have looked like a failed attempt at fixing the comment section, and not Google forcing everyone to use a failed social network. I know that the YouTube comment section is Google+ powered, I just mean what if they used the comment section the would later be come Google+'s comment section?

What do you guys think? If Google+ had been the profile that connected all of the Google products and the social network aspect had come out later would people still hate it?