Moto X, HTC One, or LG G2?

Ok, well I'm on at&t. A couple of months ago I got a phone (the Mega) on contract at Walmart, then returned it because it was just too big. Then around Thanksgiving I saw a Moto X on sale for free but couldn't upgrade because my contract was never reversed. After about a week of at&t and Walmart going back and forth, at&t sent me a Moto X and overrid my contract, and I absolutely loved that phone, but unfortunately they sent me a 16gb model instead of the 32gb model, and 16gb storage just wasn't nearly enough space for me. I was told to return the phone and that they would send a 32gb model to me. That was about a month ago, turns out the only way to get the 32gb model is through Moto Maker, and at&t is having trouble reversing my contract. The CS rep thats been handling my case has been good at keeping me in the loop and has called me back every couple of days to let me know whats going on, but for some reason they haven't been able to reverse the contract yet (they're still trying) and the only thing she could do right now is another override and send me a phone from at&t's stock. I'm considering just forgetting about the Moto X and get something else, but not sure which direction to go. I have narrowed it down to 2 other options, both with pros and cons I will highlight here and maybe some of you can throw in your two cents.

Moto X: I really loved this phone. The size is perfect, and while the screen isn't as awesome as the One or G2 its still pretty good. The feel of the device was great, and performance was surprisingly good, everything was really smooth, the smoothest I've ever felt android run. It was also super stable, everything "just worked" and it received KitKat very fast. Always listening and active notifications were super useful and I ended up liking them a lot. Batterylife was also a huge plus.

This is the phone I want, but because of the wait I may just skip it.

HTC One: I actually owned this phone when it launched. I sold it because some things bugged me about it. Biggest issue was the battery life and how ridiculously long it took to charge. I also noticed that while it was fast, it wasn't really smooth, it felt like the whole UI was running at

However, I definitely loved the design of the phone and quality of the screen. Sense was actually kind of nice, though I much preffered the stock build of kit kat on the Moto X. If I were to flash this to the official Google Play Edition ROM of kit kat, would it preform better than stock? How does it compare to the stock sense version I used when it launched (I think it was still running Android 4.1.2)? Does the new version of sense running on 4.3 perform better than the one I had, and have the battery issues (life and charging speed) been improved with software or is it hardware restricted?

If converting this to a Google Play Edition with stock KitKat fixes the main issues I had (performance, battery life, charging time) or if they have been fixed with 4.3, I would prefer to get this one, though if it doesn't I would lean towards not getting again.

LG G2:The software is a huge letdown for me and is what is really holding me back from this phone. I had an LG Optimus G Pro, and I just could never warm up to the software, even when using Nova launcher for my home screen. My OG Pro felt pretty smooth when I first got it, but by month 3 is was so slow and stuttery I just couldn't take it. And when playing with the G2 store model, they all seemed to skip a couple frames here and there, big disappointment.

If I get this phone I would like to flash a stock ROM to it, but I'm not sure what type of stability I would be losing by going that route. Flashing the HTC One to Google Play Edition is appealing because that is an official ROM tested by HTC, and maybe Google, by programmers whose job is to make this stuff day in and day out, and whenever the next version of Android comes out, I would be able to update over the air directly from Google with out having to reflash it or anything. No offense to the developers who make these custom ROMs, its just that most do this in their spare time and don't have the time to fully test it on the hardware under different scenarios and apps, and I really get frustrated with my phone when it doesn't "just work", I don't want to deal with having to figure out why my phone is acting up and fixing it or tweaking it all the time. So I would probably end up leaving it stock and enduring the LG skin.

I really dig the hardware on this one, though. The specs are all top of the class, the screen is huge at 5.2" while being the same size as the HTC One. The camera seems amazing as well.

So what do you think? Should I get the HTC One and flash Google Play Edition to it or get the LG G2? Or should I simply keep waiting and hope at&t and walmart can finally figure something out and get the Moto X? Or should I just say screw it, try to get the phone with highest resale on at&t and move on to the next phone (I usually switch phones and get a new one after 3-4 months, I know, I have a problem)?