Google Glass Needs Military Use To Become Mainstream


History has demonstrated that the military has a large influence over trends and technology. For example, the wristwatch: The early adopters of the wristwatch were fashion-forward women who tied their ladies sized pocket watches to their wrists for convenience, creating a new style. These first wrist watches were called wristlets, but they were strictly for women. Men would not wear wristlets because they were not considered masculine. The wrist is much too convenient a location for such an important tool, so the wristlet form-factor soon started to gain some small momentum with pilots and soldiers. Then, the First World War changed the social conventions of the modern world overnight. Wristwatches became a necessity for war because of their hands-free convenience, and any thought that they were not masculine quickly evaporated.

Along with the Explorer program, Google needs to get Glass in the field (even if it requires a more robust form factor), they should develop apps specifically for the military, and they should demonstrate how useful Glass can be. It might be a large initial investment, but changing the social conventions of Glass is important for its success.