The iPad/SSD's have fundamentally changed the PC market

Since the iPad (gen 1) came out, I've bought exactly one laptop, a 13" MBA, which sits unused.

I've seen posts and comments for years about how iPads aren't a suitable laptop replacement, but in practice, I think for many people they are. The only time I "need" a full blown Windows/OSX PC/laptop is to jailbreak or root a mobile device.

I remember looking at specs on PC's notebooks and planning my next upgrade to get a significantly/incrementally faster machine, but it seems the bottleneck for my use cases was storage, once SSD's became affordable, the speed increases became inconsequential to me.

Between the speed and simple convenience of having a tablet I can take everywhere, a phone for connectivity, I've turned into a nearly completely mobile computing device person, I did build a HTPC last year and it's my "heavy lifter" just added a second monitor and wireless keyboard, and I'm good to go.

Anyone else have a similar experience?