The Verge wins for Best Coverage of CES

Despite my criticisms of certain aspects of the Verge, I felt its coverage was the highest quality in terms of content and style of the big 3 sites ( Engadget, Cnet, and the Verge).

Kudos to the writers and video production crew. The stories each day could have easily been shown in a half hour or an hour show on what used to be G4 or some other tv network. Each writer has their own personality that you either love or hate, but either way, they elicit some reaction from you.

Engadget was the official site for the Best Of CES Awards, but their video coverage was still on the level of a Podcast. The changes they made to the site to handle the flood of articles made it much harder to use and it was all just very vanilla and business like.

As for Cnet, it was just business as usual. No excitement what so ever. If I didn't know that CES was going on, I wouldn't really have noticed a difference on the site besides a few more articles here and there. I think I only looked at a handful of articles the whole week from Cnet and the same for the floor videos and none of the produced shows.

I think the major difference in the coverage of the 3 sites is the charisma and on-camera personalities of the staff. Engadget put on the Best Of Awards show and both Mark and Sarah were both quiet and reserved. Imagine if Josh and Nilay were up there handing out the awards!

So love 'em or hate 'em, Congratulations to The Verge for an outstanding job!!!