The new Windows & Surface families

How could the new Windows be?

Three major Windows versions:

Windows, Windows Pro, Windows Enterprise

  • Windows means productivity. Built to run on any device from phones to tablets, convertibles and laptops. This version gets rid of the Desktop and is a touch-centric OS. Office is fully-integrated with the OS and offers all the functionality of the present versions.
  • Windows Pro is the OS for people who create stuff. Start Screen is replaced by a very funcional Start Menu which brings the apps and shortcuts you need without leaving the desktop. Desktop is, in fact, the centre of the action and all the apps and programs float and are freely resizable and overlapable, easy to use with mouse or touch.
  • Windows Enterprise offers the functionality for advanced users and is available as an upgrade from Windows Pro.

Windows and Windows Pro can get along with about any form factor.

Any Surface at your fingertips

  • Surface (with Windows). A fully functional 10.6" tablet with MS Office integrated.
  • Surface Pro (with Windows Pro). The advanced option for advanced users. With active digitizer and a lot of accessories.
  • Surface Mini with Windows. The 8" model brings no less functionality, even if it fits the palm of your hand.
  • Surface Courier (with Windows. Courier Project is brought to life with Windows. The ideal device for note-taking and multitasking, with an active digitizer and an exclusive app selection made specially for the 6" double-screen tablet.
  • Surface Phone and Surface Phone Mini. The OS is also the best choice for phones and is made avaliable in two sizes: 4,3" and 5". Get the same Apps for your phone, tablet and laptop, though optimized for every form factor.
  • Surface Phone Music and Camera Editions. Mid-to-high-end versions focusing on special features like audio playback and PureView Camera Technology.

Just one more thing...

The Nokia Asha series phones stay around with low-to-mid-end phones for basic users. A new brand with form-factors and a simple UI:

  • A phone with numeric keyboard, keeping it really simple.
  • A phone with QWERTY keyboard, ideal for texting.
  • 3,5" and 4" touchcreen phones with web browser, Skype and a limited collection of useful apps.