Is TV the new future for Apple?

I've been seeing a lot of forum posts lately about what apple's new best thing is. And in my opinion, almost everybody has been wrong. Like seriously, an iWatch is going to revolutionize the world, more like paying $200-$300 to get notifications on your wrist. Oh then maybe an iPad Pro will solve the worlds problems. We don't need a tablet that can do what our laptops can do now, it needs to take time and I don't think apple wants to eliminate they're laptop space just yet. So I think that Apple has a chance at the TV space, but in a different way then everyone else is expecting. I think the TV will free us from the horrors of satellite and cable TV, it will hopefully get deals from even more content providers. Imagine a world without the paying insane bills for TV, it will be so much better. There are people who are living a life of just Netflix and I think that it will expand with a TV from Apple. If Apple does this in the right way, it will be a huge success. I also think it will add a nice feature, wireless charging from anywhere in your house. Apple has already filed a patent based on this, and if they pursue it, it will be an amazing accomplishment. I think Apple is a company that can do this, they've already changed the world, and why can't they do it again.