Opinion: Possible Future Windows SKUs

Traditionally software is a commodity and still is, but we all know how android OS and chrome OS are free and that is the biggest problem MS is facing. Which is why OEMs are building chrome laptops. For some or most (I don't know the statistics) people, a computer is a device where they use it for very few basic things like email, browser and some other stuff that, which we tech enthusiasts take for granted. For them a cheap device with these functionality is enough and they don't care about other stuff. This is the market Google is trying to capture.

To disrupt the free software market, I think MS should make following SKUs:

1. Windows Lite: Feature and functionality will be very basic like Chrome OS and will be free for OEMs. This will discourage OEMs to support Chrome OS. The benefit or profit for MS will come through services that it offers like Skype, SkyDrive, Xbox stuff, etc.

2. Windows Pro: I am sure none of the corporate companies will consider free OS like Chrome. The support that these companies get from MS is invaluable and foundation for these companies is so far based on MS products like active Exchange. This is true case of any product that is being sold. Corporate companies don't like a product with mediocre or no support. For this MS already got an SKU where they charge money like $ 200 bucks or volume based price.

I think this way MS can compete with google in future if they become a threat, if not now.

Do you guys agree?