Does anyone think that the iPad Pro and iWatch are stupid ideas that won't happen?

I think that these ideas are stupid. What's the iWatch gonna do, cause all I can think of is a drainage of money from my bank account. And seriously, an iPad Pro. I mean what's that gonna do other than wipe out the incredibly awesome Macbook line too soon. I think that these ideas were poorly thought out, almost like every rumor mill for Apple has been since ever. Hopefully people will come to the realization that Apple doesn't just make products just to make them. There has to be a legitimate reason and a way that it will make lives better. I know Apple has something up their sleeves, but this nonsense is not what I think it is. So what do you guys think. Do you guys think Apple will do the stuff that I think they won't, or do you agree with my opinion.Please comment down below if your on the website and comment in the comment section if your on the mobile app. Thank You!

And here's a link to my other forum post about what I think Apple will do in the future.