Advanced Home Server How-To Web Site

My new blog Advanced Home Server has reached the point where it is mature enough to announce to the world. I started it a couple of months ago and it has grown to include enough information to be useful to a wide range of readers.

In a nutshell, it tells you what to do next with your home network after you set it up and get it working. For example, there's no shortage of articles on the internet about how to install your router. There's not much information about what to do after you hook everything up. You have to know what you want, then dig for it. Most people remain at the novice level because they a) are happy there or b) have no idea what to do next and don't want search relentlessly for ideas and information.

Advanced Home Server provides a middle ground that should make the complicated a little easier.

It's a free how-to on line book. It contains sections on Windows Server 2012, NAS devices, Windows PC as a Server, Home Projects, and Basic Networking and SSL. It has over 30 articles now and, if it catches on, I'll add more. I decided to write it so a lot of useful information was in one place. I had to go all over the internet, buy various books, watch videos, and more just to tediously filter out the useful information I needed to get started. I thought others who have gone through the same experience might like to see one place that replaces all that. Also, months from now, if ever, it might generate enough page views so I can sell a little advertising.

The blog is all about DIY. Anyone can pay retail but free is better. I tell you how to do a lot of things for yourself.

Send comments if you have any ideas of things you want to read about.