The sickness, the sore feet, the late nights, the pain of staring at countless screens for 20 hours a day... We know what we're getting into, and yet every year we come back to CES to get a glimpse of the future of technology. For everyone that helped make this wild mix of live events, news, reporting, video production, and storytelling possible: thank you.

None of The Verge staff ever comes home from CES with much in the way of real, concrete memories. This past week, as it does every year, leaves us only with semi-delirious fragments: putting on the new Oculus Rift. Trying on the beautiful Pebble Steel. Wondering whether this robot in front of me is amazing or terrifying or both, or why I'm holding this Taser and facing the camera. Watching a TV bend, and questioning whether this was real life or fever dream. Shouting at each other on the Vergecast, and waging epic smartphone-typing battles.

One thing we'll never forget: we had a blast at CES 2014. And another: none of it would have been possible without the help and support of our co-workers, friends, family, random encouragers and coffee-bringers, and most of all you, our readers. We'd never get to have this much fun without you all along for the ride.

So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who helped us make CES coverage possible, and thank you to all those who put up with our strange antics all week. We already can't wait for next year.