Envisioning the next voice for Siri, UK; Thoughts?

After all the hype about the new Siri in the US, it has me thinking who will apple use as their next vocal artist for the male and female versions of Siri here in the UK. Currently in apple fashion, some of their features are exclusive to the US upon launch, and so far as quoted from apples website "New female and male voices will be available initially in U.S. English, French, and German "

After coming out of the shadows, we now know that Jon Briggs was the Voice Artist for the UK version of Siri, His voice is also popular because of his voice-over for the UK show "The Weakest Link", see here. To see his unveiling see here.

Anyway, i won't waffle on any longer, but what voice actors would you like to be the next British Male & Female Siri.

Happy Posting :)