What Windows 9 needs to fix from Windows 8.1

Although windows 8.1 actually brought several fixes to the release of Windows 8, there are still several things that detach itself from being an OS that is an improvement. People say that Windows 8 is the new "Vista", except for the fact that 8/8.1 performs just as well if not better than 7. (Vista's main issues were for its demanding resources that consumers didn't have at the time, lots of bugs and errors, etc.)

Anyways, Microsoft thought that everyone would slowly sink into windows 8 touch devices (I'm not really sure how they are doing) and they tried to so while combining with a desktop OS. People say MS has abandoned desktop users, but they actually have implemented pretty good desktop features, mainly better file transfers, ribbon UI in explorer (it is actually very useful), etc. while these are good additions, it is still confusing whether they want the desktop users to use metro apps. Honestly, why would the corporate/business user use them? i mean there are pretty good apps in the store, but the reality is why would we want to use tablet designed apps for a computer? Sure this all makes sense for touch devices like the Surface, but Microsoft needs to put a bridge on what device needs the current version of windows (for touch screen devices) where the desktop is neglected, and the non touch version, which has metro features but with the ability of metro apps being used on the desktop and the user only needs to go to the start screen for finding all apps. Here's what I think needs to be fixed from 8.1.

-Better start (start screen for desktops/non-touch laptops is not ideal as a start replacement. It's not a bad idea and should still be there, but since practically everything is done from the desktop it's best to just make an upgraded "metro menu" that is slim, not obtrusive, and doesn't take up the whole screen. (But the Start Screen doesn't have to go.)

-Make search intuitive (currently it is) but a better visual queue

-upgrade icons, and probably font style just for consistency

-Although consistency improved in 8.1, things need to be upgraded

-Why is the network notification area icon in metro while others are not? The one in windows 7 was miles better, all they needed to do was upgrade the style

-Meaning the other styles should've been improved too

-Autoplay should be like it was before, where you would choose with a checkbox if you always wanted to see it. i actually like the new aside from this, when you click on an option it just automatically makes it the default which i do not like. it needs to be like the "open with" (which now is in metro) feature

-Hence this shows that it is inconsistent to have some areas metro while others aren't. the new theme doesn't justify that

-Revamp the control panel, it is stale and make it as good or better as the one on OSX

-Upgrade windows media player, seriously they're pushing the xbox media too much while not paying attention to the details. I cant judge the xbox video+music services but their uses on a desktop just desktop doesn't make sense when you are using a desktop

-This also goes with the point, why is Xbox videos the default app for opening videos ON THE DESKTOP. There is a reason why we opened it there, not to open in a slow app that scales it to fullscreen no matter what. The default Windows Media Player was fine (although I always change them all to Potplayer, so i always had to take this step, but still not good for the end user)

-Upgrade Windows Media Center

-Screenshots should be able to made in regions, in windows, not just full screen (using the winkey+prnt combo). Also bring a notification.

-Another default app problem: the pdf viewer. great finally microsoft adds a pdf viewer. but wait, it is always fullscreen! why?! its not terrible if it you actually wanted to open a document full screen and looks good on mobile/tablet but for desktop users it is weird. hence i still use sumatra and chrome online for pdfs ms should make it like sumatra (even better, as slick and versatile as preview on OSX)

-If it were like preview, make it to replace preview pane without it opening in a seperate pane

-The "charms" feature is very useless aside for getting to the settings, it really needs a revamp to make it useful. The search is fantastic though. This deserves to be implemented with the notification area, and have proper sharing features with desktop apps

-Allow a notification center with notification api working with desktops apps in the notification area. (I guess it would be limited to Windows Store apps, like OSX)

-Make the windows store active with desktop apps like OSX is. since there is lots of bullshit programs in the windows ecosystem, MAKE THE STORE VERY RESTRICTIVE LIKE APPLE DOES. or here's in idea, microsoft should buy Ninite (risky i know) and implement an update system like that or something. a store will be very useful just for having ease with updating apps, like it is to do on OSX

-Allow a button that opens up windows update to keep things consistent

-In the future make OS upgrades easily accessible here

-I don't know how this would be fixed but the fact when a program (some have a checkbox) gets installed it has shortcuts, and some include a bunch of redundant ones like uninstalling, etc. perhaps never let apps create start screen shortcuts?

-Not a priority, but It should be considered to rename Internet Explorer to something better. Explorer would be fine (since there is file explorer), but it would be great to name to it to something creative like Cortana, the new speech assistant in wp (that should be implemented too. Windows Media Center and player need to be renamed and revamped (as said before) as well.

Problems with metro itself

-make the start screen customizable to be used with high resolution wallpaper that has the effect with the default one (sorry i don't know what it is called, somebody point it out, android does this)

If Microsoft does these changes, Windows will likely please most power users like Windows 7 did.