Instead of bringing back desktop, Windows needs desktop optimized Metro experience!

I am sick and tired of "bring back desktop mode, start menu, stuff for desktop mouse devices,....". NO! WinRT is a rewrite of some old nasty win32 API and there is no way Microsoft is going back(and it should not!) Also the Metro envirnoment is refreshing and adaptable.

WinRT(Metro) WILL reaplace win32, so if you want more desktop experience stop complaining about bringing old Windows 7 things back. Instead start thinking how the new Metro/WinRT envirnoment and apps could be made to function better with mouse and for professional apps.

Let me start:

1) - make multitask bar on the left pinnable and with that bring back taskbar functionality from Win7

2) - with that done, maybe remove desktop "app", just metrofy all the legacy x86 apps so they behave like Metro Apps

3) - i think quite important, more developer problem than Windows problem: stop hiding all that much into app bar or other menus, it is nice that developers learn to use app bar, but you are overdoing it! This is not just desktop problem, its anoying for mouse also, bring back a little tabing or at least always visiable main menus and stuff like this. Hidden app bar is hidden for a reason, use it for surfacing actions, DO NOT use it for navigating app for gods sake!

Yes even Skype from Microsoft uses App bar for invisible tabs for navigating. NOT GOOD.

3) - maybe resize app bar ON THE FLY, when mouse is detected to be the one calling the app bar, and than when touch is detected change back to touch size. On supported apps of course.

4) - Or another option for developers besides on the fly adjustment could be a switchable "mouse mode" button in app bar.

For simple apps(90%) there is no need for those 2 options. They need so little buttons that there is no problem if there are big, even for mouse, most Metro Apps work very good with mouse. I actualy like IE11 with always availible bar better than Chromes bit too small bar.