Introducing the Galaxy R

We are proud to announce an exciting new product to join our galaxy series today. We felt that there are consumers who are craving for more of a media focused device and we are giving them exactly that. Introducing the Galaxy R! This new device is for our heavy media consumers of today.

It sports a 5.2" edge to edge FHD amoled panel. We wanted to bring a bigger display to a phone the size of the S4 which is why we had to make some adjustments on the front panel. Up top we removed the Samsung logo to make room for a front facing stereo speaker and boy can this thing kick! Down below is our updated button layout which you have seen in our new Pro Tablets with the home button moved slightly higher to make room for, yes.. our second front facing stereo speaker. We told you this is a media device and we weren't kidding. We managed to shrink down the bezel enough to fit this screen while still having dual front facing speakers, as you can see.. we didn't make any compromises in size unlike our certain ONE rival. Moving along to the back we will see an all Red backside with black accents. With the Galaxy R we are going back to basics and introducing a polycarbonate finish similar to what we had with our S2 but with a new soft touch that resists fingerprints.

So we stated how this device is certainly a looker but beauty should be inside too right? 64GBs of onboard storage with support for an external SD card so you can bring your entire library with you. On the software side we have our new magazine UI that has been specially optimzed for all day battery life so you can crank those tunes all night long thanks to that 3400mah battery. In case you want to want to start playing some intense games you can enjoy them without a hiccup thanks to the Snapdragon 805 working inside.

We are very excited to release this product. You will find it on every carrier for $250 on contract. When will you be able to find the Galaxy R on store shelves? When hell freezes over.