Lumia Smart Watch take II



This time I want to offer for you two videos, the first one is the second part of the Lumia Smart Watch design concept, showing a view of how the device work, using analog imput to navigate between functions...

LumiaSmartWatch video 2 (via Omar Pirela)

...and the second is a new version the Mark II, a different aproach about a Windows Phone wearable device, is a watch too, but made with magnesium ceramic, saphire crystal, curved amoled screen and with a streamliner design, with a more formal appearance only with a little color touch. To grant a better profile this model doesn´t have a camera, and use a full touchscreen to provide a better use. At the same time this integrate a Qi wireless charger and wi-fi, Bluethoot conection, no physical connections here.

Lumia Smart Watch MarkII (via Omar Pirela)

Thank you for your time and your comments.