SimPhoto: What Would You Do with $1500?

I think it's time for fellow Lensers to get some fun. Additionally, I think people like me will really benefit from hearing what other photographers think is valuable given certain circumstances.


Maybe you already own some equipment, maybe you're just getting into photography. Explain your situation and how you're going to use that $1500 to further your exciting photography passion and upgrade your gear.

Some sample questions: Are you going to spend $1000 on a nice and sturdy all-around lens, and get a cheaper $500 body? Or if you already own equipment, is it about time you upgrade that aging body?


You're best friend is a hard worker and passionate photographer, but she says that she doesn't really have enough breathing room to put a lot of money into upgrading her gear. She has a Nikon D90/Canon 50D with a 35mm f.1/8 lens. Turns out, you're loaded with cash. You decide you're going to give your best friend a gift of $1500. What should your best friend spend it on?

Some sample questions: Should your friend upgrade his/her D90/50D to a high-end crop-frame or a low-end full-frame? Or should (s)he skip a new body altogether and get some sweeter glass?

Choose a scenario and comment below! You're not required to explain why you made each buying decision, but please try to be specific in what you purchase! I'll get working on mine.

P.S. feel no shame in linking to your Flickr or 500px profile.