4.4 KitKat lands officially on the Note 3.. in Poland

A positive news for all Galaxy Note 3 owners out there. Samsung has started the roll out of KitKat 4.4 on the Note 3, albeit only in Poland for the meantime. Looking at Samsung late history, we should expect the update to hit other countries in the coming weeks (2/3 weeks my guess). Similarly should happen on the S4 (while Note 2 and S3 owners should expect KitKat at the end of February).

While Nexus line can't be beaten and Motorola is now updating at a very fast pace, it's still good to see the biggest Android OEM accelerating the release of new Android updates, from the previous 6-8 months delay to possibly a 3 months scenario.

There's no changelog at the moment, but news.softpedia.com and other websites already published an unofficial PPT file from Samsung containing the supposed changelog, with features coming straight from 4.4 KitKat:

- Ability to select the Home launcher among preloaded TouchWiz easy Home, TouchWiz basic Home, and any downloaded 3rd launcher

- Location services integrated and more detailed by new Location menu

- Support for Wireless Printing service

- Support for upgraded GMS apps like Photos, Drive

- Camera shortcut in the lockscreen

- Ability to select Messaging or Hangout as default app

It's not clear if the update change also the color of notification icons to the new white standard.