Setting up a live video streaming solution

Not sure if this is the right place to ask a question like this, but here it goes.

I'm setting up a "streaming studio" for the non-profit organization I work for. We run monthly webinars using a crappy webcam, an ancient (circa 2006) Dell laptop, and GoToWebinar. We've been able to get more and more people to attend our webinars, and it's becoming fairly embarrassing how bad the quality of the whole thing is.

So I carved up a slice of a grant...roughly ~$2000. I'm looking to get some equipment / software to improve the quality of our shows....Help?

I'm thinking I'll need:

  • A decent HDMI camera (I'd like to have something I can use for other purposes, like recording video at an event).
  • An HDMI capture card
  • A decent computer (probably something custom built that I can move around; although I have space to set up a "studio," the whole set up needs to be mobile). This would also allow me to do video editing in house, which saves us money in the long run.
  • Microphones. Lavalier clip-on microphones? A single microphone? Not sure about this!
  • Software? I would need something to mix all the video/audio sources. We usually have a presenter on our webcam, and some PowerPoint slides. Occasionally we have a guest presenter using Skype or similar video-conferencing.
  • Livestream? Ustream? Google Hangouts? I'd like something I can embed on our site.
Thank you for any help. I'm a techie, but I know nothing about video streaming and the like.