Net Neutrality in the US.

The recent Federal court decision in the US is unfortunate but ultimately not the fault of the courts, they can only interpret the law as it is written. It isn't the fault of the executive either despite what some people say. It is the fault of the legislature for not passing robust legislation to regulate the internet and carriers to enforce net neutrality.

The confusing thing not being American and being a free market liberal is trying to understand the Republican party. Time and time again the Republican party is pro-business instead of pro-free market. Capitalism is about allowing free markets to thrive and yet the Republican party favours large corporations. The Democrats may not be market friendly but at least they don't support oligopoly corporations.

There is nothing wrong with the government intervening in markets or being anti-business is they are doing so to maintain competition. Even Adam Smith one of the fathers of modern economics wrote time and time again about anti-competitive business and cartels and the need for government regulation to allow free markets to thrive.

Anyway this post is rambling but it was supposed to have a point. The US has bad cable/internet/mobile markets compared to Europe because the European commission has encourage competition. Government intervention is often needed to force competition. The blame for this lies with the modern republican party which is pro-business and not pro free market, people not getting the difference is incredibly annoying.