Top 5 Consumer tech companies

List your Top 5 consumer tech companies, with a short description why. I’ll tally the results. Living companies only please. Here are mine:

1. Sony

Playstation, AV receivers, Trinitron, Bravia, Walkman, Discman, cameras, headsets, etc. I’ve had far too much Sony stuff to list. Sony design is a combination of charming, badass, utilitarian, modern, techie. Best tech company ever, IMO.

2. Nokia

All my phones except one have been from Nokia. Unmatched hw design and durability, camera tech, features (Symbian era), fun factor, great support.

3. Corsair

They brought water cooling to the masses. Awesome cases, great new peripherals (their gaming kb are so good), memory, now expanding to speakers and such. Turning out to be a great computer hw supplier.

4. Microsoft

Great keyboards, mice, peripherals, Xbox, and Surface tablets. Office and Windows sw. Some great services like Outlook and Skydrive.

5. Lenovo

Innovative and reliable laptops and now good tablets at all price points.

Runner ups: Razr, Logitech, JBL, Motorola, Nakamichi.

Honorary mention (pours beer): Sega (consoles), Technics, Palm. Sniff.