Nest: Thank Goodness Google Acquired Them And Not Apple

Imagine what would have happened if Apple bought Nest.

After the acquisition the product would have been rebranded iNest. Apple would then proceed to raise the middle finger to you if you are anything but an iOS or Mac user. Android, Windows, Linux, and even open web will have zero support. Non-Apple devices will french kiss Apple's butt. They'd probably come up with a proprietary network protocol that only Apple and "certified" partners can access via AirPort. The devices will then be priced luxuriously, anywhere from 4 to 5 times the current profit margin. And of course, The Verge will sing its praises.

So why am I happy Google acquired Nest?

In stark contrast to Apple, Google's philosophy is to make technology affordable. You can expect the price of the Nest to drop especially due to economies of scale that Google can afford. Nest will be cross platform. Google wants their products to run on all devices and platforms. So expect support for Android, iOS, Windows (if Microsoft plays nice), Linux and the open web. All network connections to the device will use open standard protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS). It wouldn't be Google if they didn't provide an API for third party developers and tweakers. So expect an SDK within couple of months for further integration with 3rd party devices. Did I mention the price of Nest product will likely drop?

I know iVerge is upset Apple didn't buy Nest. But for the sake of technology, I say it's for the better. I hereby open the floor to the google-is-stealing/selling-your-data trolls.