Chrome OS in W8 = Chromebooks Useless?

With the recent update of chrome on Windows 8, which now brings Chrome OS into W8, i'm just wondering why anyone would purchase a chromebook and limit themselves to such a device? I think google might have given up on trying to compete with Microsoft on this front. This also isn't encouraging for developers to make apps for chrome OS. Why would they when chrome OS is already part of windows 8, which they most likely already have time and resources poured into? If developers contemplate whether to focus on one platform between Chrome OS or windows, Windows will win 9/10 times. Including chrome OS INTO W8 simply makes their decision infinitely easier.

As a result of this, since google's chrome os apps are in the windows store, and chrome OS is part of windows 8, I think this has just turned the focus of developers to follow google as well, and build programs for the Microsoft app store. If this is true, Microsoft will benefit so much from this in their goal to unify their OS', the plethora of apps will be there for them.

So why do you all think google did this? The only possible explanation is for them to use this as a means to bring focus to Chrome OS and its app store. But they might have forgotten that Microsoft's official app store is also in need of applications. If google thinks that developers would much rather focus on something as small as chrome os,over windows apps with its unmatched user base (which equals more money), then there might be a bit of a miscalculation on google's part.

So why exactly do you guys think google did this? And do you agree with this decision?