What will be the first keynote of 2014?

We've seen a lot of speculation about "what" Apple will announce in 2014. My question is, "when"?

Last year, Apple had an exceptionally long gap between keynotes, with nothing announced between iPads in the fall and iOS 7 and Mavericks in June. I think it is unlikely that Apple will wait until WWDC again for their first keynote.

On the table for 2014, we have the inevitable iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as well as the highly-speculated Apple TV, smart watch, 12" iPad Pro, etc.

I believe that iPhones and iPads will stick to their fall schedule. The wrist wearable, if it comes at all, is rumored for the end of the year. We would expect iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 to be announced at WWDC.

So what's left? My guess is that Apple will announced something TV related in March. I don't think it will be a TV set (not yet), but perhaps an Apple TV box with a totally new UI.

So, here's my schedule for 2014:

March/April - next gen Apple TV (new UI)

June - iOS 8, OS X 10.10, Apple TV SDK. Retina Airs and iMacs.

September - iPhones, including new tier with larger screen

October - iPads, perhaps with larger pro model.

November - iWatch. This seems the least likely to me. If they do announce this, I assume it will have its own event. But it could also fit somehow with iPod or iPad refreshes.

What do you think Apple will announce first? And when do you think their key events will be?