Question about Google Experience Launcher!

Hi! I'm rocking a stock Nexus 5, and I've noticed sometimes that I get what appears to be a suggestion for an additional page, as indicated by that + next to the dots indicating the home screens.

If you swipe all the way to the +, you get a blank home screen and the indicator becomes a dot.

You can actually hold on the screen to rearrange your pages and drop that blank home screen down between Google Now and your home screen, and it remains. Normally, if you remove all things from a home screen, it simply disappears and the remaining pages collapse, meaning a blank home screen is normally impossible. But here I am. In addition, my previous "last" page is now the + indicator page, filled with widgets and icons.

This just occurs randomly and I haven't pinpointed the cause yet. I also can't figure out how to get it to go away, but a reboot will remove it. No, I did not try to add a widget or an icon or anything. I didn't attempt to tamper with the home screens at all, I just notice they appear randomly.

If anyone has any suggestions concerning this phenomenon, I'd love to hear them!