Issues I've Had With Windows

From Installing Windows To Now

  • Letterbox display? Need to download Video Drivers? Extra hassel.

  • NumLock is off when computer boots automatically

  • Applications stored in two areas? Program Files, Program Files(x86), Start Menu Apps?

  • Install LoL -- Tons and TONS of pop ups and installs (Press Yes)

  • HearthStone -- Switching between Fullscreen Games and Desktop (Alt+Tab) , takes awhile (short delay) [Comapared to Mission Control on Mac]

  • When a word is misspelled I HAVE to right click it..cannot just backspace and press down arrow

  • Cannot Close Ad Popup

  • Cannot Copy and Paste VPN Creds in the Charms Setting Menu

  • VPN wont disconnect from charms menu

  • No Reinstall Win8 through Network (like the Mac can)

  • IE is slower than Safari it seems to not respond as much

  • YouTube won’t scroll down on comments while video is playing in IE Metro

  • Reinstalling Windows 8, when CD Key is lost = Torture