Google unfair bias for those choosing a URL


Pretty minor but I've just discovered why I can't have my name for a custom URL on Google+.

When the change went out a few months ago I tried to change my URL to my name but got this message, and it's stayed that way ever since:

Many people have the same name. Add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for you.

I was quite surprised at this as I have quite a unique name, and when I searched my name I could find no other people with my name, on a G+ profile.

Well now I know why. I have a Google account for work with the same name, and it's apparently reserving it for that account just because it's part of 'Google Apps for Business'. I think it's ridiculously unfair seeing as my personal account was on Google+ during beta, and I have only worked at this company since April 2013 and have never posted anything or used Google+ in any way (on that account).

I guess in the end I don't care too much as I don't really use Google+ any more, but I would have at least preferred to have my url as something less nonsensical. I guess this problem affects barely anyone though?